For more than four years, I have been making photographic reports on Architecture and Interior Design for architects, companies and other clients.

Both my training and experience as a technical architect help me analyse and understand their work. With my job I aim at creating images with which I can show the essence of a given space and complete its description. For this I always consider the clients’ objectives and express their ideas in the most appropriate way.

I pay special attention to details in my photography works on Architecture and Interior Design. I show the building, interior or architectural space just as they are and offer a view that is as close to reality as possible, by showing the right proportions, shapes and elements.

My view has a neutral and functional approach and a narrative structure that facilitate the spreading of the project and prove the ideas of the author and the philosophy of the space.

Architectural photography does not exclusively focus on showing a work’s general image, but also its architectural space and its interaction with its surroundings. Likewise, it also highlights the way in which the elements it contains are interrelated: textures, furniture and lightning within the context that was created by the author.



Trying to improve my job and add value to projects, I use the latest technology in drones to capture aerial images, both photography and video.
These images, not previously shown, help us understand the relationship between the architectural element and its surroundings.

Currently, I collaborate with the company EnfoqueTV/Dron Arturias* for flying drones, which allows me to offer all kinds of customized services: from aerial shots and corporate videos recorded with drones to professional time-lapse films.

*Operating company registered in Aesa – Spanish Air Security Agency, body dependent of the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Development

If you choose me for your projects, this is what I offer:

Entremiradas, school specialised in photography, was founded in 2011 to offer high-quality training for everyone. We understand photography as an end in itself but also as a tool that serves other fields.

Our school is located in the heart of Gijón and offers personalized training, both face-to-face and online. We always work in small groups since that allows us to identify your specific needs and adapt to your interests and learning time.

Our team are all qualified teachers who work in the photography sector and offer their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. We combine all different types of current photography thanks to our collaborations with other photographers and qualified technicians.

I invite you to learn more about us and read further information about the courses we offer.

Other activities that I do related to teaching and training are courses, workshops, talks and lectures.

If you need to organize events such as these, please ask me for further information.